Infographics is an excellent way to visualize information. Thanks to a visual presentation a large number of carefully collected and written information condenses into a more digestible and absorbable form. A picture catches the reader’s eye in a large volume of text and visually presented information usually captures the reader's mind better than a mere text.

There are different types of infographics to choose from, such as lists, maps, timelines and comparisons which are all implementable in colours, graphics, photos, pictures or drawings. Infographics can be a wide presentation showing complex information, or it may be an attention drawer by a single picture in the social media platforms. Infographics stand out with a wide range of applications: suitable for presentations, and apt to illustrate magazine articles or nonfiction, even cut out for educational/training materials as well becoming in social media and event materials.

Below are listed a few examples of how the infographic may look like and what kind of elements may be employed. The possibilities are limitless in terms of size, shape as well of the artwork itself.